Benefits Of Outsourcing Scaffold Design & Inspection To The Same Company

Posted by Matthew Robinson on Nov 20, 2018 1:06:29 PM
Benefits of outsourcing scaffold design and inspection to the same company

What is the best way to outsource your scaffold design and inspection requirements? First, you will want to choose a high-quality designer. Then you will need to hire an inspector to ensure the scaffold has been erected correctly as per the design. Ideally, your designer and inspector will co-ordinate to help keep your project on schedule.

By outsourcing your scaffolding design and inspection to the same company you will ensure good communication between the inspector & the design team. You may also save on procurement costs. Let's detail each step.

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1. Choose a high-quality designer

Good scaffold designers will understand safety measures and work to the correct guidelines. The HSE & NASC advise that you should use competent designers for all bespoke scaffold designs. This includes free-standing, truss-out and bridge scaffolds. Choosing a high-quality designer will guarantee that your works are safe. But how do you find a reliable contractor? Check that they have plenty of experience in designing scaffolds and make sure they have adequate insurance cover.

At Access Design and Safety Ltd, we have over 80 years of experience between our senior designers and 2.0m Professional Indemnity Insurance Our engineers are also able to check other designers' work to confirm compliance with the relevant codes of practice.

2. Hire an inspector

Look for an inspector who is accredited by the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) to work closely with your designer. They will co-ordinate to detect any issues and advise on necessary changes. Your inspector will expose any safety issues, such as frailty during high winds, and identify any areas that haven’t been erected in accordance with the design. This assurance is just one reason that our clients choose our design and scaffolding inspection services.

3. Outsource design and inspection to the same company

Outsourcing to the same company means good communication between the inspector and the design team, which can help to reduce delays, and ultimately save time and money.

Choose Access Design & Safety Ltd for design and inspection and we will provide you with a fixed quote usually within 24 hours, with most designs returned within 5 working days. You can also enjoy peace of mind with our insurance cover, which includes £5.0m public liability and £2.0m professional indemnity insurance.

Above all, we prioritise quality and professionalism in our work. Our track record is excellent. We have led successful projects for clients such as RAF Feltwell in Norfolk, the Randolph Hotel in Oxford and King’s Cross railway station in London. We are also associate members of the Scaffold Association and information members of the NASC which keeps us up to date with all the latest industry news and developments.

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