What Is A CISRS Card & How Can I Become A CISRS Cardholder?

Posted by Matthew Robinson on May 10, 2019 2:29:22 PM

http://cisrs.org.ukWhat Is A CISRS Card & How Can I Become A CISRS Cardholder

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Scaffolding can be a most rewarding career, but it can also be a dangerous one for anyone who hasn't received the correct training and supervision. The CISRS (Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme) was established in the 1960s and is the recognised qualification in the UK for anyone working in the scaffolding industry.Click here to see if your Scaffold Design meets TG20:13 guidelines!The CISRS has continually evolved as changes in legislation and technology have moved forwards and the scheme is held in high regard within the sector. The industry's preferred scheme - the CISRS - offer a range of courses designed for varying roles and for those with every level of experience and responsibility.

The Importance Of The CISRS

The importance of a nationally recognised and accredited range of qualifications for those working in scaffolding has never been higher. Workplace fatality figures continue to highlight the risks faced by scaffolders. In 2017/18 the highest number of deaths at work was from those working at height - 35 out of 144 workplace fatalities resulted from a fall from height. The figure has actually risen in recent years.

The CISRS is the recognised scaffolding qualification for all the major organisations which operate in and influence the scaffolding industry, including Build UK NASC, CSCS, HSE, UNITE. Holding a CISRS card opens the door for employment opportunities and for career progression.

How To Become A CISRS Cardholder

There are a variety of different CISRS cards available for those wanting to work in the scaffolding industry or for those looking to improve their knowledge and skill.

Each card has different training and testing requirements. Teaching is delivered by accredited centres and is a mix of classroom-based theory, online learning and practical exercises. Once you've gained your card, it will be valid for five years.

The Range Of CISRS Scaffold Inspection Cards Available

The CISRS Trainee Scaffolder Card enables those who complete the course to be considered as trainee scaffolders undertaking tasks under the supervision of an experienced and qualified scaffolder.

The CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Card is gained from a three-day course aimed at anyone who is responsible for undertaking statutory scaffold inspections on basic structures.

The CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection Card is awarded upon completion of a two-day course for those who hold the basic card and wish to progress their learning and skills. The training covers both basic and more complex scaffolding structures.

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